Rationale for the JRC COVID-19 website - data monitoring and national measures

Overall introduction

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 crisis, the Joint Research Centre (JRC) has been supporting the European Commission in multidisciplinary areas to understand the COVID-19 emergency, anticipate its impacts, and support contingency planning. This activity forms part of a broader effort by JRC to contribute through crisis coordination mechanisms with the detection, monitoring and analysis of the COVID-19 outbreak.

This website provides an overview of the monitoring in the area of the 34 UCPM Participating States plus Switzerland, related to:

  • sub-national data (admin level 1) on numbers of contagious and fatalities by COVID-19, collected directly from the National Authoritative sources (National monitoring websites, when available);
  • containment measures adopted by National Authorities to reduce transmission of COVID-19, daily updated.
Both information are crucial to further developing and assessing epidemiologic models for forecasting caseloads in different containment and exit scenarios, to support the National Authorities and to build a European response to COVID-19. Moreover, the sub-national granularity of the data allows to have a fit-for-purpose model to early capture the local spread and response to the COVID-19 .